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When you’re choosing co-workers, we recommend taking a page from our customers’ playbooks: demand to work with the best. Demand innovation, intelligence, and creativity. We do, and you should too – that’s key to joining the Pega team.

As we see it, if we’re on a mission to change how people build their organizations, the revolution has to start at home.

Behind our own Pega BPM technology, are the smart people who bring it to life. Pega employees are…

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Pegasystems is the leading provider of business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. Our BPM methodology and BPM services provides businesses with an unprecedented degree of agility by giving business users control over the business process management suite and reducing reliance on IT staff. With user-friendly design tools, intuitive business rules functionality, and automated programming, the Pega BPM suite is the ideal BPM platform for enterprise initiatives like business transformation, continuous process improvement, and business performance management. Our Build for Change technology also powers agile solutions to specific operational challenges, such as workflow management software, customer relationship management software, business process management software, business process management systems and business process outsourcing software; as well as CRM solutions including customer service software, call center software and customer relationship management systems. Pegasystems CRM applications and contact center software help transform the customer experience across all channels and touch points. With business CRM software and call center solutions from Pegasystems, companies can maximize the value of every call center CRM interaction.